“In a Democracy, the People Get the Government They Deserve”

This statement is credited to Alexis de Tocqueville.  It is profound in its simplicity and depth.

Enter Al Franken.

On the premise of Tocqueville’s statement, Minnesota gets what they deserve, Al Franken, a clown for a Senator.  Yet Minnesota’s folly is now the entire countries folly, for Al Franken’s election creates the real possibility of a filibuster proof Senate, and this is not good for the country.  Not now, not ever.

Al Franken thanked ACORN today.  Huh.  The same ACORN that is under investigation in 14 states for voter fraud.  Experts agree, ACORN manhandled Franken’s election and is responsible for his win.

This disrupts Tocqueville’s stated premise.  ACORN disrupted our democratic system, continues to do so, and if the current Obama Administration has its way, will continue to do so.  Yet ACORN continues to receive millions of dollars of taxpayer money to operate.

ACORN is corrupt.  Experts agree.  Al Franken is merely more proof.

P.S.  Thanks alot Minnesota.  Elections have consequences.

July 1, 2009

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